Best water bottle for backpacking/camping?

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    Hello all! I am looking to buy a water bottle with a built-in filter for summer backpacking and camping adventures. I want one with a strong enough filter I can feel safe getting water from the streams along my travels, and a large enough size to tolerate a fair amount of drinking, since it will be pretty hot.

    What do you think is the best bang for my buck for a filtering water bottle?
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    To select the best filtered water bottle for your needs, consider the source of your water. The best water bottles with a filter designed for one application might be utterly useless for another task. There are 3 primary forms of water contaminants you have to decide which filtering water is better for your situation. These are:

    • Chemical Compounds: Both organic (such as chlorine) and inorganic chemicals (such as arsenic, fluoride or copper.) Chemical compounds find their way into water naturally (things like minerals) or artifically (things like fluoride added to water, copper or metal contaminants from plumbing, or even chemical fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals which can leech into water sources.)
    • Bacteria and Parasites: Bacteria and parasites are living microorganisms which are present in the water we drink. While most bacteria and parasites are harmless or even helpful, some can have extremely negative health impacts, such as Clostridium which cause vomit and diarrhea.
    • Viruses: These are exceptionally hard to filter and most water filters are not fine enough to remove virus particles.
    In general, you can pick between Carbon based filter water bottles (composed of a layer of active carbon which the water passes through, removing contaminants down to extremely small sizes, depending on how fine the filter has been made) and UV based filter water bottles ( use powerful ultraviolet light to kill viruses and bacteria. They do not remove chemical compounds or alter the taste of the water as much as a carbon filter, but are far more effective at eliminating viruses and thus effectively sterilizing water). By the way, UV based filters are far more expensive, so It's up to you.
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    Hello QtheMyst, I take any water bottle or canteen and use my personal water straw. This straw takes out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and more. It is very small so you can store it anywhere. I love my straw because I go backpacking and camping a lot, so it is easy to just drink from the streams or lakes.
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