Bill Would Jail Kids For Posting Gun Pics

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by TMT Tactical, Mar 22, 2019.

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  1. TMT Tactical

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    Just when you thought you had seen it all, another nut case Democrats is proposing another anti-gun bill that involves just PICTURES of anything that even resembles a firearm. You got it, anything. Here is a cute YT video that explains it all.

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  2. Keith H.

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    Gun paranoia is alive & kicking over here too. Using your hand & fingers to make a gun in schools is banned! This stuff really is going beyond the pale!!!
    Thank you for sharing TMT.
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  3. Snyper

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    Hopefully things like this will show normal people how ridiculous the extremist anti-gunners really have become.
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  4. TMT Tactical

    TMT Tactical The Great Lizard !

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    The more extreme these laws become, the more adamant I am that we need to remove all gun laws. Then create one gun law that requires a mandatory death penalty for using any firearm in the commission of any criminal activity. Protect the law abiding citizen and eliminates repeat gun use criminals.
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  5. TexDanm

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    I think that ALL laws should only have a one-year life span. That would keep the idiot politicians busy repassing laws and if a law wasn't worth that effort maybe we would do better without it.
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  6. TMT Tactical

    TMT Tactical The Great Lizard !

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    I had actually given them a 5 year shelf life. If not actually reviewed and debated, they automatically were dropped. That would force the politicians to actually take up the matter vs. just automatically renewing, plus it would force them to vote and place their names next to it. I do like the idea of laws being dropped but only after time consuming debate. Keep them busy with needed laws and not stupid laws.
  7. watcherchris

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    Agree this is stupid...extremely stupid and demonstrates the level of wasted education some of these people have trying to pass for enlightnemt and illumination.

    A solution in search of a problem to justify more stupid.

    They should be going after Hollywood and the music industry for promoting gratuitous sex and or violence including guns...and gun in music...and violent lifestyles.

    I keep saying you have to be educated to become this stupid. Hollywood promotes lots of gun pictures in their products...and the violence to accompany it.

    As time becomes more and more clear how phony this class of leadership their attempts to "herd " us down a path...for which others get away with it over and over and over.

    I , for one, do not trust Hollywood to represent me in anything..yet Washington DC has it's head deep up the backside of Hollywood and vice versa.

    This twisted/incestuous relationship between Hollywood and Washington DC causes me to call into question the ability of Washington DC to represent us as well.

    There are days when I question whether these people realize how incredibly stupid they are with people who take real genuine risks in earning their monies. I am oft want to have to be educated in public schools to become so naturally to declare ones self a real genuine Ishmaelite....that you are now going after children in this manner ....after years of exposing them to this kind of thing for which you want to persecute them today. Ishmaelites run amok.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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