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    Good afternoon all,

    It's realistic that you're in evac mode, a real GOOD. Some of your gear is IT stuff for access to web manuals, maps, good restaurants .... just joking, just joking ! ...

    If you use biometric access to your gadgets, they could be compromised.

    Article above explains.

    Note article's discussion that there's more than 1 perspective to bio scans.

    (It might be OK to return to using Redskins football club name without vowels. No one will guess your password.)

    Can't elaborate on this article; I'm an IT illiterate.
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    I haven't read the article yet, but I recommend against using biometrics for laptops, tablets and/or phones. Paswords are protected by the 5th amendment. Biometrics are not. Theoretically, all of them should be protected by the 4th amendment; but why not double your protection? The SCOTUS has ruled that passwords are protected.
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