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    Small, scented, sour, and full of vitamins - so the description of the wonderful blackcurrants could be summed up. Excellent depurative, vitaminizing, immunostimulating, these fruits have been considered as a youthful elixir, a natural medicine with multiple properties for the body. And yet, what is their secret?
    The big feature is the high amount of vitamin C (three to four times than orange), antioxidants (twice as great as blueberries) plus double the amount of potassium in bananas. They also contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, PP, microelements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, bromine.
    The benefits are multiple:
    -strengthening the immune system
    -helps to increase visual acuity and to correct certain visual problems
    -reduces fatigue
    -helps the increasing of bones and the development of ligaments
    -many diseases of respiratory and circulatory system.
    You can use blackcurrants in a tea or as a form of powder.
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    They also have anti-inflammatory properties that help in dysentery or constipation, and are often used against allergies. But you need to be careful since like everything good they have a bad side: sometime you can experience headache, nausea and stomach pain and his juice could cause some kidney stones to form.
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    The combination of black and blueberries has been used often as flavorings in pies and other baked products. The combination of the two of them are very tasty as well as being high in fiber. These are some delicious products. I agree the anti inflammatory effects are helpful.
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