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    Good morning all,

    Article leads with mention of 2 weeks supply requirement. We're slowly making progress throughout the fruited plain.

    Is KLCC's Brian Bull reporting something new to civilization ?

    Eugene, Oregon had an emergency prep fair.

    Eugeneia "prepper" Scott Vollstedt is deemed prepared. He know how to turn off the water and gas. If he gets injured or sick at start of disaster, the "we" hopefully will do this, while also assisting Scott.

    The mentioned homeless man who attended the fair took some freebies to "complement his own readiness kit" is better prepared than many/most Americans from Eurene, Oregon to Savannah, Georgia.

    I am guessing the 2018 HUD homeless report is not correct. Oregon has more homeless than New York ? than Illinois ?

    What foxtrotten challenges are there for middle and upper income residents to stockpile 2 weeks of food and water ?!

    ECONNW's analyst Sarah Reich does not grasp the situation.

    Terry McDonald also needs help. Volunteers can't arrive at the warming centers because of the disaster ! This is also applicable to those who needing warmth and can't get to the warming centers. Dante was right ! Abandon hope - or get some real (this adjective needed nowadays) preppers working the disaster scene.

    Emergency Mgr Holman is doing the correct stuff.

    Sarah, instead of "paying workers a livable wage and building affordable housing", put down the hammer and nails and give it to Jimmy Carter of Habitat for Humanity and please help me give some emergency stuff to that homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk next to the wheelchair.

    How did the Univ of Oregon Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics get the funds for the series ?

    cc: George Orwell
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