Blast Injuries

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    Good morning all,

    Blast injuries are a special category. Recall that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have a hard-hat insert of Malar-nymex to cover my neck; once had the aluminum cabinet of a large industrial transformer explode near me.

    Note concept of - secondary assessments -.

    The article's concluding "NIMS-based ICS and HICS ... " is not necessary to learn about except for advanced-level individual prepper/survivalist matters unless a leader of a group.

    Besides article, it's worth surfing around For the inquisitive, also check out Disaster Management Systems, Inc.

    Remember a basic rule of ours: "If you didn't write it down, it didn't happen".
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    I had a sobering reminder of how bad blast injuries can be this past May. I had a lump which myself and my surgeon at the VA med center thought was a ganglion cyst in my left elbow area. He took x-rays and still thought it was a cyst. It had started hurting about 6 months before and moving around. Long story short, the day I had surgery the staff told me that the doc had removed a foreign body from the elbow but it wasn't cancerous. Had to wait on my 2 week appointment with the doc to find out what it was. It was a piece of wood about 1 and 1/2 inch long and 1/4 of an inch in diameter that had been blown into my body 35 years before. I remembered getting the wound and it taking a lot longer than usual to heal, but never had any idea I had a stick in me. If you have a blast injury, have it checked by a physician as soon as possible. Why wait 35 years to have something removed. LOL!

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