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Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by TexDanm, Dec 12, 2018.

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    The other day I stopped by a local Charity clothing and house hold goods store. What I found was pretty surprising at first but then after thinking about it I could see why it was that way. Much of what they sell is the clothing and stuff of old people that have died and their families have donated it all to the place. They had lots of heavy leather boots. What we used to call Brogans are now to younger people just old folks clodhoppers. I will tell you this, those old leather boots will last and last! The new high top canvass shoes may be sexy but they don't last like the old heavy boots.

    Another thing that I found was heavy work clothes and flannel shirts. I guess flannel isn't cool now days. Much to my surprise a lot of it was in the extra large sizes. Us old folks tent to be bigger I guess. The point of this is that if you don't already have several several pair of boots for you and your family this might be a good cheap way to get them. I have a box in the top of a closet that is all leather boots and old style leather soled shoes.

    I also picked up a wool blanket while I was there. Wool blankets make great coats and in East Texas wool anything is pretty scarce. When you consider 45f to be really cold there isn't much need for wool. We probably have a few freezing nights but most years the temperature never stays below freezing during the day.
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    Op-Shops are a great place to find leather items for making other gear.
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    This summer I paid a dollar for a pair of worn out Cowboy boots. I cut the tops off and made my wife some leather gauntlets to protect her arms when messing with the roses. I too get a lot of leather for almost nothing there. I actually paid more than they were asking for the boots and usually drop a donation in the jar there too. The money that they make of the store goes to feeding the hungry and making sure kids have good warm clothes and shoes HERE.
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    Excellent find, TexDanm. A great bargain for useful stuff. Don't forget bartering. If things really went sideways IMHO shoes and boots will be in high demand. Those would be great for bartering.
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