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Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by omegaman, Jan 22, 2018.

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    I never owned a tomahawk before. But one day I found a tomahawk-type handaxe I really liked the estetics of. Finish was no short of HORRIBLE though. On the paper it looked good, hickory shaft, 1055 carbon head, materials I have had good experiences with all in all. But what I recaived was a nightmare. The shaft didn't fit the head so they had crammed it on, leaving ugly woodships on the clearcoated(!) handle. The head had some spaceage plasticy coating on it. So I ugly I didn't bother with before pictures. But the shape is ME!

    So I went over it. I scraped the handle to fit with a knife and burned it hard to give it a good surface. Oiled it some until I was fine with the finish. Managed to get the coating of the head and sanded it smooth. Now It's getting a good patina-treat and I have a feeling it will be awesome. Looking forwards to trying it out!

    Thanks to Keith H for inspiring me to try this type of hand tool out!

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    Sounds like it was a disaster before you saved it.
    My Dad, hobby-wise, likes making tomahawks based on genuine ones held in museums; he’ll use modern axe heads & turns out some lovely examples considering his lack of tools.
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    When you are first learning how to throw an axe you can go through a few handles/helves.

    When I was teaching primitive skills & tomahawk throwing I had this axe made up with a steel tube handle. The weight of course is a lot different, but there was no way round that. Anyway it worked, saved me a lot of broken tomahawk handles. You can in fact if you look closely see that even this handle is slightly bent from hitting the top of the tomahawk targets.
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    The Viking bearded ax is one of my favorite shaped hawks. It is just plain pretty.
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