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  1. acheno84

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    Just curious, how long do you break in your boots before you wear them on a long journey? I haven't been able to find a comfortable pair that I like just yet, but I am wondering if anyone has a general time frame for breaking in boots? I have worn a pair of hiking boots in the past but they were my mom's and given to me so they were already broken in. I have made the grave mistake of going camping and hiking with fairly new shoes and there is nothing fun about hiking or enjoying anything when you have blisters from shoe rub. Any tips on brands and what you may have done to break boots in?
  2. QtheMyst

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    I usually get my thickest socks, maybe even two pairs, and put those on first. Then I'll wear my new boots around the house for about an hour a day or so for a week to get used to the feel of them and stretch them a bit. Next I take them out for a short hike to see how that goes before I go on a longer journey. If the short hike goes well I usually consider them ready. It's really important also to take note of any areas that seem tight or uncomfortable. You may want to use some moleskin or some kind of padding in those areas if you have a problem spot.
  3. Arkane

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    If the boots are basic leather
    Dunk them in clean water for 30 seconds or so then drain the water and put them on with your thinest socks!
    Lace up tight!
    wear around house half a day but not too much activity! even just sitting watching tv is ok!
    Boots should have form fitted your feet by now change into dry socks and wear around house the rest of the day!
    Boots should now be dry and fitted!
    Do the boot maintenance thing, plenty of dubbin worked for me every week and after any soaking!
    Boot laces do not usually last long! Extra long paracord laces are handy, long enough to wrap around top of boot and still tie up
    worked for me ! Break a short lace and you need to replace, break a long paracord lace is very unlikely but you have the extra length to repair quick and keep moving if you do!
    One set of paracord laces usually last the life of the boots!
  4. Tom Williams

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    Buy boots that fit right wear good socks
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  5. Arkane

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    Problem is not all feet are the same shape!
    Great if you have average feet that fit average boots!
    I have rather wide feet same as my hands!
    and they are also curved! nothing abnormal just not average!
    My boots need to be offset and wide!
    Easier now to get boots that fit!
    Decades ago it was damn near impossible to get comfortable boots!

    Good socks are worth there weight in gold!
    I use really thick pure wool ones, the socks hold the sweat so the leather lasts longer!
  6. lonewolf

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    I've never had much trouble with boots, i just seem to put them on and away i go, no blisters no nothing.
  7. mr_zippehead

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    Usually a month or so. I just wear the new boots every time I go on my daily walk. After a month or so they will be broken in. Depending on the type of boot you can use mink oil which waterproofs and softens the leather. But mink oil is suitable for only certain types of boots otherwise it ruins the finish. But the mink oil preserves the leather and makes the boot more pliable.
  8. jeager

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    I use saddle soap to soften them a bit and it makes leather last longer.
    Neatsfoot oil also is good for leather.

    And yes it's made from feet.:eek:

    Saddle soap isn't made from saddles.:D

    Whale oil is made from whales.

    O.M.G. what is baby oil made from??????????????????:confused:
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