Breathe Safe In Wildfire Smoke

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Pragmatist, Sep 11, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

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  2. varuna

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    Might wanna use powered respirator

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  3. Old Geezer

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  4. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Varuna,

    You're 100% correct !

    The entire face must be covered and O2 needed.

    For full mask selection, consider:

    - can it work with a hard hat / helmet ?

    - do you have a requirement to talk with full face mask on ?

    - will you need to operate a vehicle with it on ?

    Recommend CHECK performance of mask/O2 supply frequently AND ALSO when changing routine eg from walking to driving a vehicle.

    The eyes must be protected !

    All above is for ground use. There are many more sophisticated requirements for flight operations. Won't even discuss the Jules Verne and 20,000 leagues under the sea bubble heads.

    Will glance at links soon.
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  5. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    Good morning Old Geezer,

    The above linked article is A+ !

    An axiom; gospel: "... populace wants first rate infrastructure at second rate price".

    I'm familiar with that cancer labeled "CalPERS".

    We've got some versions here in Virginia re welfare bonds not needing voter approval.

    Had thought I was alone in the wilderness. Will be surfing around economicprism. Great site ! Merci !
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    1. Old Geezer
      Glad you like the site. Hopefully you will find other useful information therein. Often websites that do not support the political agenda of the oligarchs get wiped. Search engines (controlled by the you-know-who-crew) will not take one to such sites -- they actually could be blocking such information sources. If the Left takes office in Nov, we could be living in a North American East Germany complete with Staci. Me, I think our nation will go full civil war along with near-complete economic collapse. All pension funds are going to become toast.
      Old Geezer, Sep 12, 2020
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