Bringing Grains In Camping

Discussion in 'Cooking and Cooking Utensils' started by Corzhens, Jul 3, 2017.

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    When we go on camping, the first question is what to bring. Of course, there’s a list to be followed particularly the equipment and tools like flashlight, knife, etc. But with food, our priority when going on a wilderness camping is to bring grains instead of bread. Usually it is rice that we cook in a pot that we also bring along. The potential of the rice is that it can be used as bait in case there are animals there like wild chickens. The cooked rice can also serve as bait to wild boar and reptiles. It would be fun to make a trap in catching wild chickens with the use of rice as bait.
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    Excellent post, well done. Good reason for carrying extra grains. Cut oats would work well too.
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    I'd favor the oats too. I have found that often bringing grains may not be for all. I mean those who are into mountain trek it would be extra baggage. So in such case you may find that packing something light is a good idea. I am thinking that one can also keep some small packets of grains in such case.
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