Bugging Out. Carrying All That Weight.

Discussion in 'Essential Items' started by Keith H., Dec 29, 2016.

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    Bugging out is a last resort for me. I have a wife who is pretty hard core but we have two young ones with us. 7&5. No matter what you say kids don't move quick in forced situations. The average person can cover about 3 miles an hour in unsteady terrain. Minus that by half if you're in my situation. So make sure you have a reasonable bug out location. And it's supplied. That way when you DO bug out it's not extra weight on your back. And if your gonna be marching longer than 40 miles be sure to have a cache or two to make it even easier.
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  3. Keith H.

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    That may be the ideal situation, but you can't count on being able to get to where you want to be. You must be totally self-reliant & carry what you can.
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    A bug out bag has no need to be heavy!
    Water is the most essential bit
    most everything else is a need but not essential and is mission/environment dependant!
    A first aid kit is handy but only if you get injured!
    Food is handy but most here can go a few days without or more!
    Even a knife/axe is handy but not essential!
    Weapons can be very handy but only if you are attacked so not essential for survival!

    Some of the lists people make and carry are extreme and frankly moronic!

    Just a few years ago a person I know went and bought all this uber Gucci survival gear, some really nice kit he had.
    First trip out bush to test it and after several minutes struggling and then with assistance he got it on his back, three steps
    and he just about collapsed and had to get assistance to remove the 34kg pack that he then removed some of his essential kit
    to get it down to just 22kg!
    But still huffing and puffing after 50m! and the 3km hike to the chosen campsite became merely 500m to an alternative site!

    Any pack needs to be light, like 10kg or less unless you are a royal marine or such and thrive on pain!
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