Business Article On Prepper Trend.

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Apr 28, 2021.

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    It is all sound advice. We aren't all tin foil hat wearing nut jobs. That changed to selfish hoarders. Now that things have calmed down maybe people will realize it is common sense to be prepared.
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    From the article, I found the following fascinating:

    "Lincoln Miles, who runs a UK Preppers branch, emailed CNN that things had been 'more than manic' after the virus outbreak in December. Sales are 20 times higher than usual and he has hired additional staff who work seven days a week into the night to keep up with demand.

    “'The bestsellers are of course gas masks, suits and accessories,' said Miles, whose business also sells crossbows, axes and knives.

    "He sells 600-700 military masks, nearly 1,000 filters, and hundreds of protective suits a day, and sold 6,000 20-day ration packs in five hours last week."

    I most assuredly cannot agree with the following:

    "He said preparation is not about storing expensive survival products that cannot be used, but about acting as a community. 'Western society has become very isolated, especially now that we have an internet based generation … you don’t have to go out to meet your neighbor.'"

    Meeting your neighbors is great; however, one must never allow others to see them as a source of survival needs. Do not say anything to the locals about your prep.s.

    From a regional/national standpoint, we preppers do not EVEN have enough food stores to make us show up on the radar. No offense everyone, but we are a blip in the scheme of things. As far as firearm firepower goes, same situation. For instance, where I live, everybody is armed. Confiscating firearms? They'd have to go house to house. Nobody is going to be turning-in their firearms just because some socialists demand it. As a matter of fact, the socialists better have themselves a well-protected compound of their own -- these folk are NOT going to be popular people, if you know what I mean.

    People have had plenty of time to prepare (years/decades); therefore, whatever happens to them, happens to them.

    If throngs of "nice people" come knocking when it hits the fan, you must tell them to leave. If they begin breaking in, you must shoot into them. Don't even open the door -- shoot through the doors, the windows, the walls. Drive them off. Stay low, because these "nice people" will be returning fire. Get your indoor water hoses ready along with your BIG fire-extinguishers.
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  4. lonewolf

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    why cant you agree? I think it makes perfect sense, but then I'm not a people person.
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