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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by Hick Industries, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I learned how to trap fur as a teen age farm kid in North central iowa. That was 50 yrs ago. When I decided to buy a more complete trapping outfit recently, I quickly realized that the fur market, state laws, and equipment have changed a lot. So I started researching trap suppliers and newer trap designs. I started with Fur Fish Game magazine, an older book titled "Trapping North American Furbearers", and the Trapperman web site.

    I bought my traps from Minnesota Trapline Products, largely due to their service, access to special Bridger and Minnesota Brand traps. MTP is the current owner of Bridger traps (made in Taiwan) and MB traps (made in the US).

    Perhaps folks would be interested in what I considered a complete outfitt. Rats/Weasels/Squirrles, (12) Victor rat traps.
    Muskrat/Possum/Skunk, (24)) Newhouse #1 double jaw LS
    Mink/Fox/Raccoon, (24) Bridger #1.75 offset jaw CS
    Bobcat/Coyote, (24) MB 550 RC cast offset jaw CS
    Late season Coyote, (24) Sleepy Creek #3 offset jaw DLS
    Beaver/Otter, (12) Bridger #3 offset jaw-4 coil-CS

    Body Grip and Snares not legal in oklahoma, but I own both types, and plan to buy more.
    (6) #110 Conibear, (2) #220 Conibear, (18) Snares
    I also own several cage traps and will purchase several more.
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