California Earthquakes

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    Head Note: I post Old York Times articles because there's no cost and loads easily.

    Good morning all,

    Note article's "...making peace with Mother Nature ... Wildfires and mudslides are yearly events ...". Is Mother Nature to blame or the mismanagement of forests and too many building permits for hillside residences ?

    Sneakers - rubber and canvas shoes for an earthquake ?

    Note picture of Kern County rock slide. Mentally prepare for an extended evacuation time-line.

    All is not bleak. California Governor Gavin Newsom is seeking federal funds from President Trump.
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    He can have his aid package,just as soon as he repays the money from the High Speed Train fiascoes. I seem to remember Newsom tell President Trump it was their money now. Well they can use "Their" money to fix their state.
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    I will go ahead and make someone mad this morning . California is so full of communist , living in a fantasy world that a large part of the U.S. population living in reality world wouldn't mind seeing it drop into a giant fisher then close back up .
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    Saw this on the news yesterday. Hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe over there!
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    I would bet that if all the libtards in Hollywood donated the money from their cocaine habit for one day you could build condos for every homeless person in the state. Just saying. Redistribute the wealth.
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