California's Covid Shot/jab Plan About Ready

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    CDC allows plan to "vary from place to place". Thus, anticipate seeing more of "known to the state of California".

    Dr Rutherford's questions on who's going to get it has already been determined - at least as per the critical personnel - has already been determined and the determination made higher than CDC. Some military are priority. The Virginia plan mentions the priority category.

    I am eligible under the Virginia plan to get in line for the first batch. I'll wait until the private citizen mid-2021 batch is available. Plus, am expecting another fatigue of immune system after shot/jab (it's 2 shot/jabs, depending on mfg batch, 21 or 28 days later) and rather recover during warm weather than winter weather.


    Still, keep up your health care aspects besides this COVID-19 immunization.
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    The wife and I don't plan to get the "Jab" until several million have had it and enough time has passed to verify the side effects. Momma did not raise test animals, we will wait.
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