Camillus #1012 Sword Brand ~ Grandpa's Old Deer Knife

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    I was in my workshop tonight going through some boxes...looking for some Sambar Stag 1911 grip panels that I had stashed away for a "Walt Longmire 1911" I am building.

    I found the grip panels...but better than that, I found a knife I haven't laid eyes on in well over 30 years. It my was my maternal grandfather's deer knife. It's an early 1960s vintage Camillus Sword Brand Fixed Blade #1012. It was stuck inside an old wool hunting sock that smelled slightly of oil. His Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster 30-06 is in my gun safe.

    I don't know when my Grandpa slid it into my stuff...he passed away 15 years ago, and that visit was the last time he came out to visit from, it was sometime before then, or maybe even on that visit.

    The edge on the knife is still as though it was a stropped razor. The sheath shows some age, but it's still supple and not cracked.

    Damned near brought a tear to my eye.

    Some people get lucky enough to have their grandparents for a long time. I was lucky enough to have my Grandpa until I was 35.

    So, here's to my Grandpa Richard Lawrence Latting 1928-2003.

    Camillus #1012 Vintage 2.jpg

    Camillus #1012 Vintage 1.jpg

    Let's see some of your Grandpa's Deer Knives.
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