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Discussion in 'Newbie Corner' started by Pragmatist, Sep 28, 2020.

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    Good morning Newcomers,

    Preppers must have a basic mastery of spending some time in wilderness areas.

    Above link introduces reader to some camping gear. NOTE that the featured items are expensive and there anre MANY inexpensive substitutes. Frequently the inexpensive substitutes and "DIY made at home" is better.

    I'm posting this link for exposure purposes. Yes, a shelter is needed for a planned event. A camping chair is not needed nor is specialized espresso making stuff.

    NOTE "15", the tarp with steel poles. A Prepper seeks to have equipment/gear both safe and multifunctional. If setting up camp in an open field, recall the junion high school science on lightning - might not teach anything of value anymore - . Like an umbrella, the steel poles holding up this tarp can be a welcome to lightning.

    Prepping is about thinking and refining one's thinking. It's less about gear.

    If you've got to flee the area, carrying a PVC pole has many purposes. The metal pole have limited use when considering weather such as lightning storms. "It's a rainy night in Georgia......"

    Like the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the article's author uses a modified version of the definition of "essentials". For intro camping, depending on specifics, one can arrange for an overnight gtrip with the need for cooking. There are healthy foods gthat can get one through a morning. Again, I'm discussing intro to camping; not wilderness training exercises. A hot beverage has well-perfected stuff on the market.

    (VDEM calls a local map something essential for an emergency evacuation. It is not essential. Just evacuate.)

    Yes, some camping Preppers have had a warm beer with a breakfast of Planters Peanuts.

    Work on the thinking first; then the gear and nice to have along.

    Had not been familiar with the American Council On Exercise.
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    IMO its actually better to avoid recommending expensive stuffs to beginner. The price tag alone not only would intimidate many but also could create false sense of safety when using it. Also I believe it is best not to recommended DIY stuff to beginner either. There are plenty option of cheap stuff out there. Example, why should by bother with any complication of making DIY stove when standard issue pocket stove + 8x 15g hexamine tablets only cost $4 (including delivery)

    I beg to differ on that. Do it First!, but remain under some kind of supervision. Beginner will only learn their mistake only after they experience it. I had seen a group of local girls (not some foreign tourist) hiking unto one of the coldest mountain in the country wearing only tight cotton shirt + hot pant (luckily none of them was wearing any high heel). Although from what I was see, their human porter did haul a whole lot of stuffs, but whether or not cold weather clothing was among them is an open question. However I haven't heard any misfortune among any hikers those days, so most likely either they survive it (by bring in cold weather clothings) or going back down to the trail head.
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  3. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Varuna,

    Sometimes the mistake is using a match to light a cartridge stove and the cartridge was not tested for leakage. The nearest burn trauma ward is closed due to hurricane damage. The lesson won't work.

    Who will supervise ? ... the acid-head ? the drunk ? Thy are the only ones around.

    In some societies, human porters, less the obvious exceptions like a trip up Everest, are "frowned up" as substitutes for animals or equipment. In the US, with exceptions, it is a labor contract.

    4$ can be saved if knowing how to take an empty can and make it into a stove. Twigs and wood chips can work as fuel. It's been done before.

    Begging not required nor needed. I accept your points.
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