Camping Ideas: How To Make A Mini Cooker From A Dose

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    This idea is very innovative and useful, especially in extreme situations when you're camping with your family and you need to warm up a soup or need light.
    You will need: • 2 aluminum cans (juice, beer); • A marker or pen; • Scissors or cutter (any sharp object you can cut); • A piece of sandpaper or abrasive paper; • A nail or screw; • Alcohol; • Cotton.
    STEP 1:
    Mark the cut line with the marker on the can. Cut the two cans to the bottom as shown. Use the nail to make the holes (similar to those in the stove) in one dose, the other one is not necessary, you will only use it as a structure base.
    STEP 2
    After cutting the doses in the appropriate way, stick the edges so you do not cut yourself. Put the cotton at the base and unite the doses as you can see below.
    Now just fill the small alcohol tank through the central hole, cover it with your nail / screw and get it done!
    You can light the mini stove and you can warm your soup for dinner.
    This project was mainly dedicated for a school competition.
    Every recyclable stuff can be turned into a real utensils.
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      Keith H., Jul 19, 2017
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    This is actually genius.
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    I have made these for years. I make them a little taller than these but basically the same design. My only difference is that I drill three tiny holes in the middle of the top. The purpose of that is to make filling it easier. I call it a penny stove. When it is full I put a penny over the holes to block them. You then light the puddle in the middle and that heats up the fuel making it into a gas that makes it burn hot and clean almost immediately. I use a product called HEET that is used as a dryer additive to gasoline and is pure alcohol.
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