Can’t Plant A Garden Bc Of Renting, Need Options?

Discussion in 'Gardening, Plant Propegation, & Farming' started by Holdren86, Apr 19, 2020.

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  1. Holdren86

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    I rent right now and aren’t allowed to plant a garden. Any other options out there I can try? I’m sure someone will say planters, I tried a couple last and year and was unsuccessful. Just want sure if there was something that’s a great option I was missing
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  2. Caribou

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    You'll have the same problems with a regular garden that you are having with the pots/buckets. Gardening has a learning curve and the sooner you pick it up the better. Check out the net for some videos.
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    Most people with "GREEN Thumbs" got them through trial and error and a lot of work. Growing food is just like every other profession, take time and much effort.
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  4. Morgan101

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    Here are a couple of links. I'm guessing you would have at least this much space. Maybe on a balcony.

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  5. Blitz

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    The issue you will have if you don't have a balcony is light. Not sure how you'll be able to overcome that unless you set up a suitable lighting system.

    Other than that, you'd be surprised what you can grow in containers. Start with easy things, such as radishes, lettuce, peas and beans. It's really easy to set up some peas in a pot, then once they start to grow tall enough, make a tepee type of affair with some bamboo or similar, so the peas can grow up the bamboo.

    Don't start with carrots or celery for example, as they can be challenging for a beginner.

    If in doubt, go to a good nursery and ask for advice from a horticulturist. They should put you on the right track.
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  6. lonewolf

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    if you havent got a garden can you rent one?
    I have had lots of rented Allotments- I think they call them Community Gardens in the US.
    see if you can get a "starter" plot, smaller than a normal allotment, failing that a half plot or share one with a friend or relative.
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