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    Most people only can in their canning jars when the garden comes in. I strive to keep my jars full year round. My philosophy is as you empty them refill them. We eat out of our jars year round and I try to keep a constant rotation going. I see absolutely no sense in storing a bunch of empty jars. It takes up the same shelf space full or empty. I keep those jars full by watching for sales during the winter and can what is on sale at the supermarket. While it may not be the quality of my homegrown veggies it will still keep us alive.

    Last weeks additions were whole kernel corn on sale frozen. You can the same as fresh corn just defrost and can as usual. Barbecue baked beans made from scratch with ground beef and dry navy beans. I found chicken pieces on sale for $0.39 a pound and bought 20 pounds. Froze the legs and deboned the thighs. Took the bones and skin and made chicken bone broth. Also found carrots for $0.74 for a 5 pound bag. Canned sliced carrots. My pantry shelves remain stocked until the garden produces again.

    For those of you canners out there I see Ball canning lids again available on the local shelves. Grab them while you can because come gardening season they will be gone. My rule of thumb is I try to keep 1,000 in stock at all times.

    Another tip fill those empty jars with water and save the old used lids and use them to water bath the water in jars. Most used lids will keep their seal a second time and you have a water stash until you need the jars for other things!! If they lose their seal run it through your Berkey filter or use it for other than drinking. Just a thought ***


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      Another great tip. Thanks DD.
      TMT Tactical, Mar 21, 2022
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    All week was cold and rainy and not much going on so I took the opportunity to can up some recent sales out of the freezer. Several weeks ago we found legs and thighs on sale for $0.39 cents a pound in ten pound bags. We bought 3 bags or 30 pounds of chicken pieces for $12. That was long before the bird influenza. They were stored in the freezer until I needed them.

    An even greater deal was Cure 81 dinner hams for $1.99 a pound. I bought 3 of those for the freezer as well. The other sale was Pork butt for $1.69 a pound. As I get the opportunity I will process these meats for shelf stable storage in jars.


    I cooked down 1 bag of chicken and put the chicken meat in broth in quart jars for casseroles or soups. Just heat and add noodles, rice, veggies etc.....

    Then the bones went into the crockpot and cooked down for a rich bone broth.


    Next I cooked 3 bags of GreatNorthern Beans and placed them in jars and chunked up ham and added to the top along with onions and celery. 100_7529.JPG

    Top that with that chicken bone broth and seal and pressure can for 90 minutes and you end up with a rich and meaty white bean soup. Final cost $1.04 cents per quart jar or 32 ounces. Basically about 4 cents an ounce. Cost for Campbells Chunky bean and ham soup $10.4 cents an ounce if you can find it right now. Final tally is 14 jars added to the pantry.


    Remember part of my pork butt was ground up for 21 bags of breakfast sausage. Defrosted some more and placed it in the crockpot then chunked it up and added to pint jars added onions and some homemade BBQ sauce. Pressure canned for 90 minutes and added 7 jars of pulled pork to the pantry.


    Just open the jar and shred then warm and add to a bun. You could also put it on a baked potato. A pint jar is a pound of pure meat and makes about 2 pulled pork buns. A perfect lunch or supper for my husband and I and we could simply open a pint of the baked beans I canned a couple weeks ago and call it a meal.

    Basically with the soup and pulled pork I added another 21 instant heat and eat meals to my pantry.


    I also added 10 pounds or 18 pints of green peas to the pantry. Bought on sale a month or so back as frozen vegetables then added to jars to become shelf stable. Cost about 40 cents a 16 ounce pint jar.

    This cleaned out some freezer space so I can take advantage of the next sale I run across and makes that food shelf stable requiring no electricity. Instant heat and eat emergency meals for us when needed.

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    1. TMT Tactical
      Outstanding! Great pictures and incentive for all preppers. Thank you for your posts, they help all of us.
      TMT Tactical, Apr 11, 2022
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    It appears Dirt Diva has prepared for a world without electricity . Her and her family won't be sitting down at the table to eat bugs and worms . We here on our acreage , are also preparing so that we will not succumb to that level .
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    make that 3 that are preparing to live without electricity(some of us have done it before).
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