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    People who are into hunting or target shooting or anything that involves using a weapon usually they are not just running around shooting things. Eventually, they are going to have to maintain their weapon, or it could be potentially very dangerous, or it could just break. For example, a bow and arrow if it is not maintained properly can shatter once an arrow is fired and can send splinters in every direction. The same with a crossbow. The line used to project the arrow can snap back and hit you. To avoid this, I believe you simply wax the line which keeps water out of it, so your line doesn't dry out and crack. Also, be careful not to use a faulty arrow because if the arrow is not straight it will obviously won't shoot straight and can be dangerous.

    Firearms are even more dangerous when they are not cleaned and maintained overtime. If a soldier in the line of duty did not maintain his gun it would constantly jam and would eventually blow up. You have to be sure every part of the gun is oiled, and all the parts are clean so that everything moves perfectly. Nothing can really get stuck when you are firing because you are basically harnessing a tiny explosion. The reason you oil your gun is not so it just slide smoothly, but the help keeps water from rusting the metal. You have to clean out the barrel after firing so many rounds because a gunpowder grime will build up in the barrel. T

    he spring in your clip has to be functioning properly, or bullets will not feed into the chamber right. And if you are making your bullets you have to make sure to use the right measurements of gunpowder, or you will blow yourself up. Making your own bullets has its own advantage because you can make hot rounds which will shoot a lot faster and harder. Maintaining any weapon that deals with pressure is crucial for making sure you are safe when you are using it.
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    Clips don't have springs!
    And you don't oil all the gun! you clean it dry it and just oil a few specific spots!
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    Yes, you should certainly maintain your weapons and if possible have spare parts around for the pieces that could potentially break from long term use. Anything that you are staking your life on for protection or for providing food needs to be practiced with regularly and maintained meticulously.
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    Especially true when using a Revolver. With each shot they emit gas and a certain type residue that those can cause build up in the cylinder. Disassemble and scrub the barrel with a cleaning rod or a bore brush by using solvents that you would find in a gun cleaning kit, along with certain lubricants that you will also be using. Clean the barrel from breech to muzzle. By doing the opposite you will be pushing most of the moisture and residue that is on the weapon back inside of the chamber.
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    One way that you could make sure that your pellet gun is operating properly is by applying oil to a felt pellet and then firing it. Doing this before you store the pellet gun is a good cheat to avoiding rust and build up. This works will with rust that tends to reside in a an air rifle.
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