Cast Net Can You Throw One?

Discussion in 'Hunting / Fishing / Trapping' started by LastOutlaw, Jul 13, 2019.

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  1. LastOutlaw

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    I have seen these used many times in the past in Hawaii and even seen them used on the East Coast of the USA. If one knows how to throw this one can procure bait fish and even larger fish quickly and easily. I have seen some pretty big fish caught in a cast net. There are a number of different ways to hold and throw a cast net and one should start with a smaller net and work their way up to much larger nets as their skill progresses.
    Here is a beginners video on how to throw a cast net.

    Here is another method throwing a larger cast net:

    Here is what it looks like underwater:

  2. Sonofliberty

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    Never used one before. Seeing what he caught, I may add one to my gear.
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  3. TexDanm

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    I have about 6 of these in different sizes and weights. We use them to catch bait before we start fishing. A cast net and several small gill nets are part of my "fishing survival gear." Even a small one can catch a lot of small fish.
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  4. Morgan101

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    I am certain I could throw one. Whether or not it opens, and I catch anything remains to be seen.

    I agree it should be a staple in any BOB and in every plan.
  5. GateCrasher

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    Not I, but may have to try it for minnows. They aren't legal here except for that purpose.

    Have a gill net and one larger net. The gill net is kept in the truck BOB, but I see the chances of needing it for a wilderness survival scenario as pretty slim. More likely, and what I'm planning on, is as just a more efficient and quicker method of topping off the freezers in the early days of a SHTF event. Many bodies of water nearby, and most are on public land. Filets for us, less savory parts ground up to extend the dog food, and anything left as bear bait if needed. While I've scouted out some places to try first (depending on the time of year) and how we might use them, the problem is not being able to practice/test it now without risking a 5-digit fine and probably jail time if caught.

  6. TexDanm

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    The thing about these nets is that minnows are just as nutritious as bigger fish. there are a lot more of them and they are a lot easier to find and catch. You don't have to throw a huge net to be successful. In Texas, 7 feet is the max legal diameter. That is 14 feet spread. I also throw nets as small as 3 foot with a 6-foot spread. the smaller lighter nets can be thrown farther and into small pockets in shallow water. Bigger nets with more lead sink faster and are better in deep water. Most of the time we can catch more than a day's worth of shad for bait in a short time. Often we can catch them right at the boat lunch area.

    Gill netting is not legal here BUT for survival purposes, I keep several small ones on hand along with my long lines and trotlines I can probably provide fish for a lot of people. I also have seines and traps for both fish (small and large) and crawfish. Crawfish are great nutritionally, easy to catch and good eating.

    In places that have a lot of rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds nets can make a big contribution to your protein in your diet. Fishing with hooks line and sinkers works too but netting is almost a sure thing.
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