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    It's not just books, pulp or cyber that can serve as reference material. So, too, can industry catalogs and the array of free classes throughout the fruited plain. Note that "expert professionals" are now found in fields not historically identified as such - as per our purposes. One illustration is animal rescue groups who participate in survival activities.

    I've already mentioned my former cooperative and the public library inter-library loan program.

    Take a glance at the website Kitchen Corps of Chesapeake, Virginia. They have restrictions on linking their web site so just look it up. and surf around it. Note their 2015 deployment to Rural Retreat, Virginia (near big town Marion). I've done some responder work there. Very nice territory. Surf over to their News Section. Note the "Free disaster planning packet". All this stuff is not every's "cup of cafe latte or sour mash" but ideas can get developed for personal / club use.

    Take a glance at Their catalog is loaded with quality info besides their efforts to sell their flashlights. I use their products. A+ !

    Take a glance at Rescue Tech - Surf around and you'll see their ResQsled-Endurance. My NGO made our own - at nominal cost.


    The National Weather Service's field facilities offers both tours and briefings and also classes (Yes, on weather). I've taken some of their classes. "High quality" describes their instructors and handouts. If/when a oriented club is formed here, I suggested a visit to the area NWS facility.

    The numerous state and municipal public health agencies offer tailored classes on requested subjects - at least the Virginia orgs do. That's one reason why a survival prep club is a requirement. There are different levels of instructor for different category groups. My group was interested in infection control from large scale flooding.

    Some years ago, a nearby neighbor (no one is "next door" in this rural area) was a recipient of a copperhead snake bite. This activated my "to do" list that was aging to learn about the availability, storage and costs of the anti-snake antidotes. My early, early AM toll-free call to the state's 24/7 Poison Control Center had me talking to a pharma grad student who had nothing to do that night-morning. I learned much.

    A BIG and somewhat new entry to the prep scene is for animals, from service animals (dogs and miniature horses only) to emotional-support animals to livestock and the etc. Many classes, many seminars,...much available to learn. Plus, the folks who attend these programs are serious, good folks of Middle America.

    A good website just to learn about cutlery is Knife Center of Fredericksburg , Virginia (originally from College Park, Maryland [metro D.C.]). It's the largest on-line knife store in nation.

    Much opportunity out there but you've gotta make your own opportunities get activated.
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