Charcloth - Does It Need A Vent-hole?

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    I make charcloth from old jeans and such all the time. At home in the oven, in the fire in the bush.
    Thing is nobody ever told me I need to pake a hole in the tin, so I've never done that and I never had any issues with it. Pre youtube it was like that, you got some information from someone, sometimes not as detailed, or you got to be with someone doing something and you picked up on that and experimented yourself.
    What would that vent-hole do? The idea is NOT to give the cloth any oxygen because that's how you char anything, right? Is it faster with a hole or something? I don't know and I'm seldom in a rush.
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    Charred cloth is a household item, it was not used out bush. Using a tin with a hole in the lid is a good way to make a lot of charred cloth all at once, but it was never done that way in the 18th century. Cloth was always charred directly in the fire & then extinguished in the tinderbox. Plant & fungi tinders are prepared the same way.
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