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  1. Tom Williams

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    Watch for city auctions where they are selling off used trucks cars buses that they have replaced these sales are a great place to buy a car truck and most time very cheap a old cop car or street department truck make a good bug out ride
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    I once watched for State auctions when I lived in New Mexico. You could add your name to a list, and then when nearby auctions were held, you'd be notified by mail. I think those lists are still in place. Go to the Department of Defense website to sign up.

    I went to one, and it was very interesting the unusual items that were up for bid. Army jeeps, of course, in various states of disrepair. Refrigeration units. Ammo boxes (empty--don't get your hopes up), and all kinds of odds and ends.

    It really gives you some insight into just what your nearby base is up to. Probably not top secret stuff, though.
  3. explorerx7

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    Yes, these auctions are where you may find vehicles which you may be able to renovate into a useful machine on a budget. I don't believe that all the equipment would be in near junk or junk conditions because if army equipment is included,is the army usually disposes of vehicles and equipment which are surplus to requirements and I believe that army equipment, for the most part, is generally well maintained so you may in for some interesting deals.
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