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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Jason, Jan 17, 2016.

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  1. Jason

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    Jason 37 here, I grew up in southern Illinois hunting, fishing, real camping( no rv for me ), gardening, collecting wild edibles, and much more. As I've grown up I've learned many things and hope that I can share my bits of knowledge with many other people. I now live in Florida and currently transforming my property into a survival base camp for my family, many many projects going on this year.
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    Nice to meet you Jason. Thanks for coming over and sharing with our new community. If you have any advice for things to put in here or want to start any new threads please do. Got any pics of your survival base camp?
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    Also Curious*
  4. Jason

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    As of right now we are starting construction on several projects including our organic hydroponic hybrid greenhouse, solar energy, a blacksmith forge, a smokehouse, as well as home security which will include A man-made and natural fence barrier which will also include a heavy gate and video surveillance monitoring. My property does not rely on any Public Works infrastructure except electricity right now but that will change in the near future we have our own water well and self-contained human waste treatment system. I have just a little land preparation to do before I get started such as removing small stumps and leveling out some ground. 11102752_423033341205331_13225383833186523_n.jpg
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