Checklists In Emergency Medical Care

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Pragmatist, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Been my experience that check lists all to often get pencil whipped. Which is why so many procedures fail to achieve their intended goals.
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    I personally think a checklist is a good thing. And let me tell y0u, in aviation they use them all the time and it WILL save your ass. Even some of the small things like putting the gear down. I know my way around a 737 NG, it's buttons, knobs and toggle switchs, can program and use the FMC, fly SIDs and STARs, etc and a checklist is a much needed tool. I have one for the PMDG 737 and the checklist App for this model aircraft on my phone.

    Now in the medical profession a checklist should be used during surgery. How many times did you watch a news magazine or saw a headline that the surgeon sealed someone up with a Kelly forceps or what ever still inside them? Not only does a checklist sound prudent in the OR, but it will and can cut down on malpractice lawsuits and keep the cost of insurance low.

    If you're just checking off the list of items without verification then you have failed and that person needs to be fired.

    Again, every time you fly you can thank the pilots getting you from point A to point B without incident thanks to a checklist. And flying IS the safest form of transportation on this planet. Especially when there are at least over 100,000 flights a day without so much as an incident. Most incidents come from stupid ass grown ups that act like kids. Then the captain has to make the decision to divert meaning the whole damn schedule for that airline is messed up, and the crew's hours, etc are messed up. All thanks to an asshat.
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    The Surgical Assistants are supposed to keep a count of instruments and sponges used to make sure they are all there prior to closing.
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