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    The quality of your survival pack can mean the difference between life or death. So you want to make sure they are of the best quality. Where can you go for ready-built kits of good quality might you ask? Well, many outdoor sports stores will carry one or two brands. Clerks in these stores are hopefully knowledgeable about gear and may be able to offer advice on the best choice. Survival kits can also be purchased online. Quality beware! Sellers on eBay offer a wide selection for a cheaper price, and determining the what is in each of the kits is easy as they are displayed in the item's description. Survival kits are also known by other names such as grab and go bags, roadside automobile emergency bags, or bug-out bags, so be sure to search all lingoes.
    When building a survival kit from scratch, options are endless as your bank statements. Sales clerks in outdoor sports stores can be valuable sources of expertise. However, department stores only carry so much. To truly get the best of each item, online shopping is the key. After you gathered the essential list of all your survival needs, search on eBay to find quality sellers for each item. You can always get pre-assembled kits online. For great quality comes a great price. In my search, I found UST, Blue Sky Gear, and Dicks Sporting Goods being a good place to start your search. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst my friends.
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