Clay’s Guide To Urban Defense.......this Is Worth Your Time.

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by Sourdough, Feb 26, 2019.

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  1. Sourdough

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  2. TMT Tactical

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    Real good article and I am very happy to announce, my plans fell right in line with many of the suggestions. Good news for this urban prepper.
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  3. Morgan101

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    I read the intro and started the first episode. It looks like it will be very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. Old Geezer

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    Inevitably white large city neighborhoods will be invaded. Hispanic gangs have already begun to depopulate black neighborhoods.

    This has been going on a long time now, well over a decade

    ... yet the collectivist media will not report this Hispanic war against blacks.
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  5. poltiregist

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    This does not fit the liberal news media's narrative . For them the boggy man has to be the caucasion race . And particularly the males of the caucasion race . If they didn't stand in their way they could just promise free stuff to the multitude and gain lordship over the planet . --- This actually makes the U.S. politicians and media the real racist .
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