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    One issue that I've noticed that has not been fully identified as a possible threat are CMEs and EMPs. CME = coronal mass ejections. That's a fancy way of saying solar flares. EMPs = electromagnetic pulses. When a nuclear bomb is exploded, there is a micro-surge of power that has enough power to fry electronic circuits in computer chips for hundreds of miles all around the origin of the blast. With about 4 nuclear blasts set off high over the U.S. it is feared that almost all of our electronics, computer chips and so on could be made worthless and pretty much crash our banking industry, Wall Street and our internet.

    CMEs are a natural occurrence that can happen at any time. Just about every day the sun has solar flares but most of these flares are not extreme or dangerous to our planet, us or our electronics. There is, however, a slight chance that, one day, we could face a serious CME discharge which could damage our electronics, internet and so on.

    Both the CME and EMP, if they hit just right, could throw our nation back many years in time as far as how we communicate, do business, travel and move things across the nation. This is because right now our society pretty much depends on computer chips for everything in our daily lives. We use them in our computers. We use them to operate our vehicles and cars. We use them to transfer money, stocks and so on. Without working computer chips, our society would suddenly come to a screeching halt until we could fix it. The trouble is, fixing the problem would take years and years. Imagine going back to about the way things were done in the 1950s or so if you want to know what living without microchip processors was like. That's the kind of life we would sort of be facing if we suffered a large scale CME or EMP problem.

    By the way, there is rumor that our military may... note the word "may"... have developed a new EMP bomb. What that means is that our forces can drop an EMP bomb, or launch one by means of a Cruise Missile, and detonate it over a specific target to destroy an enemy's computer chips, communications systems and electronic defenses. If such a bomb were to exist, this would be the first electronic warfare bomb in our arsenal. That's something to think about, isn't it?

    It's because of these threats that our military forces have taken to hardening their electronics and vehicles so that they won't be stopped if we ever get hit with a CME or EMP burst overhead. A good example is that older model cars, like say a '57 Chevy, would never be stopped or effected by either a CME or EMP burst. Why? Because they run off of an older points and spark plug system in their engines and they have no microchip processors at all. As such, because their engines run off a mechanical timing mechanism, instead of one supplied by the microchip processor, they won't stop.

    So, this is why you need to be aware of CMEs and EMPs.
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    going back to the 1950s is not a problem for me, I was brought up in the 50s and 60s. it was a better time, a simpler time.
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    Very few people have any form of transportation aside froma bike that is not relying on some form of chip.
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