Coffee Crops And Global Warming

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    Good morning all,

    FWIW, in yesterday's 10 October 19 Wall Street Journal - can't link; it's pay walled - was and article titled "As Temperatures Rise in Coffee's 'Bean Belt', Farmers Elsewhere Look to Expand". The subtitle intro: "By 2050 as much as 50% of area currently suitable for growing arabica coffee - the 'bean belt' - could become unsuitable due to climate change. A small faction of area currently unsuitable will be newly suitable by 2050. The remaining area in the Bean Belt is predicted to stay suitable despite climatic changes."

    I like this article because I DO NOT like, nor rely upon, peer reviewed material. The peers are funded by the same source in general terms. When I read material from different sources, I pay attention.

    For reasons I will not develop here, although I'm an avid coffee drinker, I will not stockpile coffee for the year 2050 and beyond.
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