Compost Nightmare! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    I stay with my fiance and garden in her 50 ft. X 75 ft. garden and compost anything
    that will compost in a nice plastic 55 gallon compost drum on a wheeled tri-pod.
    Well my fiance is legally blind and stupid about such things.
    A savvy neighbor asked if the could have it the compost drum.
    "Sure" she says without asking me if I used it.
    I do. Every year.
    So I was very polite and ask the neighbor if I could use the compost drum also.
    "Oh, that. We gave it to our daughter who lives in West Virginia."


    My fiance is legally blind and I must drive her everywhere.
    Her 42 year old daughter is schizophrenic and STUPID to boot.

    My fiance's deceased husband was quite a hobby wood worker with tools galore.
    I noticed many empty tool packaging boxes and asked if she sold his tools?
    "No. People just helped themselves to them. Are they worth something?"

    The poor guy was also huge into radio control model airplanes. Read expensive.
    Not to mention the die cast metal models galore he once had.
    Boxes, no airplanes. The asshats have been ripping her off big time.
    Wonder why I live in the country with no close neighbors?
    I think it's time to move me back to my country home on 15 acres and my own garden.
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