Consuming Water While Hydrating Your Plants

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    Do you ever wonder if there are any tricks to save , store or irrigate water? If you are interested in finding out some tricks to conserve our precious resource the search stops here. You might think you have to spend a ton of money on an inground sprinkler system just so it can be effective. But there are a ton of ways to easily make your own irrigation system that gets the job done.If you simply decide to use your hose anD a sprinkler there actually is a method to do this. Just move your sprinkler to a dry spot. Only let it sit until the ground is waterEd about three-quarters of an inch. Then simply move to another dry spot until your done watering. Another trick is to wait to water indoor plants until the top of the soil starts to look dry. I've seen someone use a plastic bag filled half way up with water an a long thread like wick. The bag sits above the plant with the wick in it using gravity to slowly water a plant.

    A trick I picked up from a close relative includes a two-liter and some tubing. Cut a two liter towards the bottom and feed about six inches to a foot of tubing through the neck. Then fasten the tubing to the bottle flip upside down and nail or hang to board. Pinch the end of the tube that will be watering the plant and fill the two liters up with water. This will also slowly water your plants while saving water.
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