Coping With Climate change.

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Keith H., May 6, 2016.

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  1. Keith H.

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    In the North it is supposed to be getting colder, here in the South it is getting warmer. We are already seeing & feeling the results of climate change. So far it has not made any difference to what food plants we grow, but we do have to shade our garden beds now. If it continues to get warmer, which is predicted, then we can not know how we will fair. It may mean that here in New England we will be able to grow more tropical plants, however, with this comes the added increase of insect pests. Everything that now exists in our North, will be able to migrate South.
    With this increase in insect pests will come the spread of the mosquito, & this will in turn bring more disease.
  2. Hope

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    If the weather allows, you can grow insect repelling plants long with your gardens. Magnolias, and lavender are two of that I know. Are there any more that you could tell me?
  3. Finman0507

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    Hi Keith. I am from Cape Town South Africa and I have been focused on our climate changes for the last couple of years. Our winter months are changing and summer is starting later every year. It's a scary thought. I live in a farming community where the weather plays a very big role in the quality of the harvests. The farmers are adapting there habits each year. I am afraid the changes are coming sooner than we think.
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    I live in Texas and the climate change is crazy here! Last winter the temp stayed in the 60's to 90's. I'm not sure how Texas is adapting to this. That's something I need to research. But I think Texas is comfortable with hotter winters. Texans don't handle ice well; car wrecks increase during colder climates.

    We are having an awful mosquito and flea summer! My cat had an awful flea infestation for a while. And I've noticed mosquitoes on my legs more than any summer before.
  5. overcast

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    I think it's hard to deal with any changes in climate. Compared to earlier changes you'd find that there are things that we can't control. For example cities are changed today than few years back. Also the old times you could have shelter and so but these days not many people have their own home. So things are not going to be that easy with the climate. I think you just keep the mindset of accepting any change both mentally and physically.
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    Here in the tropics, climate change has occasioned unpredictable weather. Sometimes it rains during months when its normally dry. This might also be attributed to wind patterns. Layering clothes is a sensible thing to do. You might wear a trench coat only for it to get hot and you would only have to remove it to remain with a tee shirt.
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    When I was a kid, when it's summer it's really summer meaning no rain. In the recent past few years , I noticed there is really a climate change happening because every summer season we experienced rain and also another thing to consider is the rainy season starts early too!
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