Corn Is Easy To Plant

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    There is a small parcel of land that is planted into crops. From that farm, I learned that corn is the easiest crop to plant. Unlike rice where you have to plow the land, planting corn needs just a clean land, free of weeds, and small holes where you place the seeds or kernels. After planting, the sprouts will come out within the week and in 2 months time, you will harvest the corn. Of course, water is needed for irrigation but that’s only when the corn plants are young. After a month, there’s no need to irrigate the plants every day since it is already beginning to bloom with flowers and the ears will follow. However, there are also pests that attack the corn and that’s the only problem you have to face.
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    We don't have any in our garden this year, but I have grown many times before. It is a relatively easy crop to plant and harvest. The usages of the mature plant are many, both for human and animal friends. There are a lot of American and Mexican dishes that call for corn that we make here, so having this staple is a plus. We also stockpile cornmeal, but that is another topic, I suppose.
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    Ive tried planting corn at I'm a failure. I only harvested two ears per plant. It was supposed to be a japanese sweetcorn but what I had was like a few inches larger than a baby corn. It was actually a funny experience...
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    I think that's the plot they used in the movie "The Martian", which a trapped astronaut on Mars had to create his own little ecosystem to survive until help from Earth came to get him home. So I agree corn can be used as a secondary form of basic food, maybe even the first one if push comes to shove. Corn and other grains can also be used as feed for livestock, so it helps out a lot for both you and the animals around you if you ever find yourself in the position to start a farm or a settlement from scratch.
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    I don't understand much about these things of planting, gardening... But my parents have a vegetable garden and in their opinion, corn is one of the easiest (and cheapest) foods to plantin the whole world (I just wasn't curious to ask why because that area is not my kind of thing :D).
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    I have planted corn, rice, wheat, mustard, lentils and various vegetables. I don't think corn is easiest to plant. It is easier than the rice, but not easier compared to mustard, wheat and lentils. Corn needs to be weeded out, if you don't keep weed away, the yield will not be very good. However, if you grow wheat or mustard, you don't havr to weed out. All you do is sow seeds and water the farm twice during the 3 months harvesting time and you are done.
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    You may find that corn is also harder to keep safe from the birds and other animals. Some animals don't waste the chance to eat it. And in case of budgies and other birds, they'd make sure to eat it the moment they can find it nearby. I'd say planting corn and keeping it safe till the end is the harder part. You may have to find a way to keep the birds and animals away. Another thing is that you may also have to keep proper storage for them after crop removal. So it's more hard-work when it comes to corn.
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