Counting Casualties After Natural Disasters

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    Good evening all,

    Article per ...

    Except for Dr Kilbene's statement, the others are just not focused.

    Is it critical to determine of hurricane-proofing a roof and an experienced injury for preparations for next disaster ?

    I believe first responders have specific missions and assignments. For example, a SCUBA SAR would not be working around the parking lot at the hotel on the top of the hill.

    Why a policy change need if electrocution was a feature of the last disaster ? Electrocutions could happen again coupled to a needed response to mass respiratory failure at the motel. A "all-hazards" approach is needed.

    I noted a bias; Are disabilities an automatic criteria to be a member of a vulnerable population ? The same question for the elderly...

    I'd argue that social and emotional support are basic needs. Recall our society's recent acceptance of emotional support animals. I'm a big proponent of this.

    Summary; Article about bureaucratic needs of those assembled not knowing the fundamentals and probably no field experience.
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