Covid Vaccine Program And Politics

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    Good morning all,

    California and New York Governors want independent reviews of the vaccine prior to administering it in their states.

    There is so much politics - and $$$ - in this that it's a major problem.

    I am familiar with the history of some of the issues.

    Older Forum Members and the real national political establishment know about the pharma - Thalidomide - and the related birth defects. (late 1950s to 1961).

    More recently is the Agent Orange and Order of the Silver Rose hushed up matter. California and New York state have large populations and the segments that are "worried" are scared.

    Even more recent, although going back to the ending events of WWII, is the treatment of the Atomic Veterans. The organization "National Association of Atomic Veterans" housed the remnants. Only as recently as 1996, Congress repealed the National Secrecry Agreement involving atomic veterans and the "Oath of Secrecry". Here, too, the participant "community" has worries about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

    Unfortunately, a 1973 fire at the National Archives destroyed many Atomic Veterans' military and medical records.


    A major weakness of America's public health program(s) is public announcements. They are cloudy and frequently enough contradictorary. Fed and state laws are just about as bad.


    Meanwhile, back at the triage line ...... Virginia is to be the first state getting the vaccinations ..... younger peoples' worries and non-worries mirror the older folks' worries and non-worries. The immunization requires 2 shots/jabs with a 3 week separation. The worry I hear about is what happens if getting sick from the vaccine or other reason within the 3 weeks ? Many do not have health care providers.
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