Coyote Melon

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    I am new to New Mexico and I've noticed Coyote Melon (also called coyote gourd) growing wild and very prolifically around here. A few locals claim it is "poisonous" to eat it but everything I've read says otherwise. Most people here just try to kill it if it's on their property because it grows and takes over like an invasive weed. However, I see it as a food source. Anytime you think you can eat a native plant it is good to add it to your diet now so that your body and taste buds can get used to it. Of course, that is, if it's not poisonous lol. Has anyone ever eaten it before?
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    Despite the fact that these gourds are identifiable as related with consumable squashes, The rank scent and greatly tart taste of the buffalo and coyote gourds make their innards unappetizing and therefore deemed by natives as not being edible.
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    Just because other animals are able to eat something, it does not mean that it is safe for humans to eat. On the other hand, if the local wildlife is NOT eating something, it is a good bet it is not safe to eat.
    Try planting edible squash instead.
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    The last I checked these things were not edible.

    I don't know if something too bitter can kill you but it is a possibility since a certain amount if bitterness can sure enough make you sick.

    Even the fact that you said it takes over like an invasive weed doesn't sit too well with me.
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