Cpr And Rescue Breathing For Grade Schoolers

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by Huggy212, Jul 7, 2017.

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    I am a seafarer and one of the trainings we are required to do is proper CPR and rescue breathing. That was first time i learned about it and i found out that it can save one mortally wounded or dying person's life. According to my instructor is that you dont need to be a professional first aider to do this. You just need to know where to pump and how many pumps you must do. Also another important thing to know about it is which is which. Which one should you apply to a dying person whether you just need to give him some air or you need to make pumps.

    On that moment i realized that gradeschoolers can do this and can even save their parents or their grannies on their own houses. Not all family members knows how to do this and I believe the best place to learn this is in their school. This could be a life changer for some families. I believe they can learn this things and can do it properly by just some simple education and simple instructions for them.
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    This is quite a noble initiative because if kids are exposed early to such procedures, by the time they reach puberty, they would be skilled first aiders. Added to this is the fact that their impact would be felt in disparate homes and hamlets and might spur in then an interest in a health related career.
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