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    Sourcing materials for clothing & equipment can be expensive, but there is nothing wrong with using second hand materials. Visit your local op-shops, St Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army. Keep an open mind when looking around at what is available.

    Blankets: Blankets can be used as is for bedding, or they can be used to make winter leggings, shirts, coats, capotes, moccasin liners, head covering, gun bags, mittens, (can you think of other uses?).

    Bed Linens, Tablecloths & Curtain Material: Making an oil cloth shelter, shirts, breechclout, bandages, other clothing & food bags, housewife sewing kit, water filter bags.

    Leather coats & Jackets: These are great for making gunpowder bags, fire-bags, food bags, draw string pouches for various items including medical supplies. Leather leggings & moccasins, shot pouch, scraps can be used for smoothbore wadding.

    Leather Shoulder Bags. Knife sheaths, tomahawk blade sheath, flintlock hammer caps, double soles for moccasins, inner footwear soles, cartridge belly box, needle guard for leather-working, thread winders, smoothbore wads, making leather ties, belt pouches, (any other ideas?).

    Woodland Indian center seam moccasins.
    Cloth & leather food bags.
    Housewife sewing kit.
    Belt pouch, greased leather fire bag, leather waist/equipment belt.
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    Like they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Thrift shops and second-hand stores are a great place to locate items that may help you or be turned into something else. People tend to get so caught up on "newness" and "quality", but sometimes, it's the items that have that extra wear and tear that will be more reliable than the new, mass produced items that are available.
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    I make a lot of my own gear
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