Crashlanding on a deserted island

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by Corzhens, May 30, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    Has the thought of crash landing on a deserted island occurred to you? And what would you do?

    My husband and I are frequent travelers abroad. He used to have an anxiety attack on his first travels but now my husband has a mind conditioning. When the plane is up in the air, he would be talking to me but there are times I would take a nap. When my husband is alone with his thoughts, what he does is to imagine that the plane would crash land on a deserted island. In his mind, he is like playing a game of survival. Scenarios would be like a hostile tribe or dangerous animals, etc. But in the end, of course, he would survive with the skills on his mind.

    But what about if that really happens? Honestly, I cannot survive on a deserted island by myself. As I had posted before, I might be scared to death. But in fairness to me, if I have a companion, I would surely fight for survival. How about you, have you been thinking of surviving on a deserted island? Is your mind equipped?
  2. Destiny

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    Well, I don't fly. Most because I'm poor and afraid of heights. The thought of flying terrifies me. Honestly, if I did get trapped on a deserted island I'd probably end up killing myself if I was alone. If I didn't I definitely would end up way crazier than Tom Hanks in Castaway.
  3. John Snort

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    If it is a deserted Island then you won't meet any humans unless they come there occasionally in which case things won't be that bad because you'll be rescued. It might be hard to find drinking water but food won't be a problem because at high tide, the ocean will probably bring in some food if you can trap it.
  4. lonewolf

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    I haven't flown since 1977 with good old Freddie Laker!! so not really something I can see myself having to survive.
    mind you plenty of airplanes seem to have gone down recently, but into the sea with no survivors.
  5. Endure

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    Probably something similar to "Cast Away" movie. Given I survive the odds after a terrible crash landing on a deserted island. After I came into my senses, I will scout around a little and assess the prospective resources: fauna, freshwater, wood, etc. But If a deserter island have freshwater and wood you can bet is already populated by some aboriginal people at least.
  6. cecejailer

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    Such a coincidence I've come across this post right now that I'm watching Lost XD I think it's very unlikely to crash on an island as the plane would probably fall in the ocean (and float, if I'm correct). But if I did crash, I would probably freak out. I don't allow me to freak out often but in this situation, I don't know if there would be anything else I could do. If I survived my panic attack (doubt it) I would try to search for some kind of radio in the airplane, and if I didn't find one, I don't know, I'd probably try and survive a few days but if I thought there was really no way out, I'd probably off myself.
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