Crazy Evil People And Gun Control

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by TexDanm, Oct 3, 2017.

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    Well once again some Evil person has shot and killed a bunch of evil people. And once again the liberals answer is to take the guns away from the good and honest people. They are so stupid that they just can't understand that there are NO LAWS possible that would have prevented this.

    The reality is that the weapons he used were full automatic and were already illegal. It was against the law to discharge a firearm inside the city limits. It's against the law to shoot at people AND guess what murder is against the law. At what point do these idiots understand that these people don't obey laws and so laws have no effect on them and ONLY disarm good honest folks.

    They are not saying what that nut was using but it was NOT an AR-15! I suspect that it was an illegally converted AR-10 with illegal snail drum magazines. I knew the first time that I heard one of the recordings that that wasn't any sort of semiautomatic nor even an illegal converted AR-15. The cadence was wrong, the bark was wrong and more than anything else the runs between pauses was too long. An M-16 runs a 30 round mag dry in under 3 seconds on full auto. That SOB was running longer.

    At first I thought it was maybe an M-60. the cadence and bark was about right but the runs were not belt length thank goodness. In the end they will find that most of the kills were heavy caliber, probably 7.62X51 slightly possibly 7.62X39 but I doubt it. He was shooting from around 500 meters and the kind of kills were not done by light or lower powered rounds. To get that sort of result some of those rounds were passing through and nailing more than one person. From a high hide he wasn't shooting an unsupported weapon. We will see but right now it is looking awful strange for someone with as little training as he supposedly had to pull this insanity off.

    We live in crazy times. I'm amazed that it has taken this long for someone to do this. Those poor people were packed in there like sardines!!
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  2. lonewolf

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    Same as Manchester , packed in like sardines, only it was a bomb not a gun.
  3. Old Geezer

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    Something is way wrong about the Vegas attack; private aircraft usage, ties to Philippines (large Muslim community), international money transfers (not small), his girlfriend has ties to political nefarious character(s), ..., really strange. If multi-players involved, we'll never know. He used bump device, if you believe FBI. But then, any milled receivers? Any custom receivers? If custom, who provided? Speaking of receivers, ... On and on, I guess it will all be done out of the reach of public purview. The investigation will be another Waco.

    Political timing is serendipitous for the Left, that's for sure.

    Things are coming apart in America.
  4. TexDanm

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    What I can't believe is that before they actually KNOW anything they are automatically saying that there is absolutely no connection to ISIS or other Islamic Terrorists. His body wasn't even cold and they were saying that this wasn't a terrorist attack!! I bet those poor people that were down in that barrel being shot at would debate that. They looked pretty damn terrified to me.

    After a year with no evidence the FBI still won't say that there was no indication of collusion between Russia and Trump. Why do they want to clear ISIS so much?? I think they need to dump most of the FBI and start over. 8 years of Obummer has stocked that pond with too many trash fish! Most of the idiots are more interested in playing cover my ass than catching or stopping terrorists. They don't cooperate and I think that playing politics with peoples lives by not sharing info across law enforcement lines is disgustingly ignorant.

    I am a rabid supporter of the Second Amendment but to me any mechanical device that allows a semiautomatic to fire in a fashion that makes it indistinguishable from a fully automatic weapon is just not covered by that. Civilians don't need full auto weapons, hand grenades, bombs or surface to air missiles to defend their freedom. If it was a bump stock that the guy was using that would explain the odd cadence of the fire. I tried one many many years ago and it wasn't nearly that sort of effective. They must have massively improved them since then...OR maybe they work more dependably on 308 ARs than the 223 AR I tried it on.
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