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    What do you think about creating a pond in the yard? I was thinking about making it my next project.

    Ponds with pumps and filters don't allow for as much use and might not be as good in a SHTF scenario so I am more interested in ponds designed not to need them with the right balance of plants. There are edible and otherwise useful plants that could go around it, like cattails. The water itself would attract wildlife like frogs, birds, and small mammals which might then be able to be a source of food.

    If you have tried it, do you have any tips, tricks, or favorite edible pond plants?
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  2. Keith H.

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    Good post again, & a very good idea. The bigger pond the better. Cattails are an excellent choice. Add some fish, but guard against predators. How about watercress? Water chestnuts?
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    My neighbors made a pond. I think I saw a duck in it, but basically it is kind of a big mud puddle. I think they have an aerator in it, but it is not nearly as nice as some ponds I have seen. Maybe if they stock it with fish it would make a difference. I think it would help to read a lot about it before you decided to do it.
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