Crime in evacuation center

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Corzhens, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Whenever there is a calamity, usually a typhoon, schools and covered basketball courts are the usual evacuation area. It is the tradition here ever since I was young. But lately, there were instances when crime cases were reported to the police. The most common is stealing from the evacuees themselves much more of cellphone than money since most evacuees are the poor folks in the urban area.

    There was this case of rape in an evacuation center. The husband engaged in a drinking spree and got back to the center, drunk. The wife was already asleep. The husband had wanted sex so he made his way to have it. But in the middle of the sexual act, the woman under him protested. It was not his wife. It was a celebrated case because it appeared that it was not intentional and can be considered an accident.

    So the moral lesson for the women in the evacuation center is to sleep with their pants on.
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    More like a practical lession, in my not-so-humble opinion the moral lession is for everyone to crack down harshly on sexual offenders so assholes will think twice before doing that shit. A big problem, of course, is that if you are forced to take shelter in an evacuation center, you're mostly limited to follow the authority of the government, which, depending on the country and immediate situation, can be often every negligent. We all remember the chaos and violence in New Orleans refugee centers, and this was in nowhere else than the mighty US. I wouldn't trust gov't here in Poland to organize this stuff properly, and it's probably good to avoid evac centers as long as you have private shelter available.
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    You will be weaponless in an organized shelter so numbers and physical strength/prowess will rule!
    There will not be enough police to keep anyone safe from predators inside!
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