Curry Leaves

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    Curry leaves (Murraya koenigii) grow abundantly in my garden. There are atleast half a dozen full grown trees as tall as a medium sized coconut tree.
    Lots is written about this humble leaf but we use it for two main reasons.
    We make chutney out of these leaves adding other ingredients such as onions, coconut, green chilli, et al to make it palatable. A touch of sugar and salt gives it a perfect taste. We also use it to garnish a few of our dishes. Curry leaves have a pleasant aroma.
    We fry leaves in coconut oil and simmer the oil for a while. The oil absorbs the properties of the curry leaves and this oil nourishes our hair
    Eating the chutney improves our blood thereby we get a feeling of general well being. currypatta1.jpg
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    I've actually never known that curry leaves come from a tree. I just always assumed that it came from a small plant. Thanks for sharing this information and teaching me something new. :)
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    I too thought they came from a small plant but what I now see in my garden even I find it difficult to believe. I had just planted a single small plant. My garden is now full of these plants and a few have turned into trees. I am trying to see if I can get someone to buy those leaves wholesale.
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