D.c. Evacs - Forget It !

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    Good morning all,

    Didn't think I'd read a specific sentence in the above link. That's why I'm posting the article.

    The original article is from the Washington Post - now paywall but above has this article.

    The sentence that got my attention: "Too often these demonstrations are just an excuse to generate chaos,.."

    On a routine day, driving out of D.C. is a hassle. For an emergency, forget it ! Gridlock gets a permanent meaning.

    Note the term "intersection of greed and influence". 16th Street and K Street is the Farragut Square section of D.C. This is noted for it's many lobbyists.
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    I for one am tired of protesters for any cause that offer no solutions. All they do is complain, and blame corporations or capitalists for all the problems of the world. You want to get my attention? Have a solution.

    This is the problem, and this is how we are going to fix it; a realistic, cost-effective plan on how you intend to fix the problem. Maybe then I will listen.

    "They couldn't have been more annoyed. And I couldn't have been happier."

    Seriously! You think it is funny disrupting people's lives to support your cause. Doesn't DC have disturbing the peace statutes? Oh, I guess those don't apply to protesters.
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    Morgan 101, the law does not apply to liberal protesters. Try a protest for the 2nd, and watch how fast they would apply.
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    I couldn't finish that dribble... them and their fake science. if they want to call it science it has to follow the scientific method and they must start without a targeted end game but they can't. I love how they blow all this BS about worrying about the world but then when you see photos of the aftermath of the places they protest they are covered in garbage and discarded signs. Yeah real "green".
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    I pretty much NEVER read anything that comes from the Washington Post. They are sort of the print version of CNN and MSNBC.

    Evacuating any major city in less than a week is a wasted effort.
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