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Discussion in 'Other Homesteading' started by CountryGuy, Mar 17, 2019.

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    So the season of the dreaded yellow flower will soon be on us here in PA. This year i plan to make full use of my annual bumper crop and do up some homemade wine.

    My question is does anyone have a favorite tried and true recipe? I'm planning at least a 5gal batch though I might do more and I also might break it up into smaller batches to try different recipes if I get them. I've seen all kinds of recipes that call to add oranges, lemons, raisins etc and several different ways to go about making them. One thing seems clear is that I want to be sure to only use the flower petals and non of the green to keep from it being bitter.

    Any other fav recipes using dandilions?

    So what say you all?
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