Dangerous Weather For North Carolina Area

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    So far, the most dangerous weather, with emphasis on winds, is the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

    Above link is both for information and to acquaint those new to Prepping. The pdf link could be called information overload but this is the world we live in. It takes some practice to know what to look for.

    After North Carolina - and environs such as southern Appalachia area - the weather is enroute here then Maryland then out to sea.

    A couple of routines I practice here, besides kits ready in case of a rapid evac;

    - Doors are not fully lached. If, for examplt a tree falls on this shack 15 feet from the door, a 15 ft branch could convert the door into a wall.

    - At dusk will always have a flashlight / torch attached to my sweatshirt ... apologies for my informalities around my shack ...

    - Since this AM, a pike pole, ax and shovel are next to all 4 doors.

    - Helmets and other PPE ready. You will hear the results if some adverse weather hits here. I've got 2 hard hats ready with both having USN wool sock hats so plastic band doesn't touch skin. What you will hear will be something from Madam Prag. Both helmets are configured and loaded the same with only 1 exception. Mine has a Streamlight brand helmet light that, at time I got it, was best in market for firefighters. Madam's helmet is lacking a light and I don't want to spend ~ 150 $. Usually we leave place next to each other but with social distancing .............

    - Field jacket is a health food snack bar awaiting my outdoor dining.

    - Never did build an outdoor kitchen with appropriate roof. Just have ready our outdoor fireplace. No ticks since the area is sprayed with stuff.


    Snyper; all the best for this adverse weather emergency.
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