Dehydrating Food

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    I just got a new dehydrator. I got it on sale for a sale that was going on for Black Friday and for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Anybody else dehydrate? Its something new to me but I've been wanting to learn about it for some time.
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  2. Old Geezer

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    This year saw us with a surfeit of squash and peppers -- both jalapeno and Thai. Tables were overflowing.

    What to do? One can strip squash into threads, then dehydrate them. When needed, these strips can be re-hydrated and used for squash bread. I love this bread. It has substance about it. There are a million recipes on line.

    For the jalapenos, we had to buy extra canning jars. The Thai peppers we dehydrated and crushed. We also dehydrated some of the excess jalapenos, however I haven't tried any of these yet, so I don't know if this was a success or a flop. The Thai peppers are FULL of flavor ... and heat.
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    Yes, we do quite a lot of food drying. We use our wood stove though because it is going 24/7. We have drying racks above the stove & we use the oven with the door open.
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